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We provide high class complete label management service including:
Strategy & planing
✓ Label strategy planning
✓ Release scheduling with label owner
✓ Artist comunication, contracts, adjustments
✓ Publishing deal
✓ Release info collecting and metadata creation
✓ Release Mastering (if needed)
✓ Designes & artwork creation
✓ Date Confirmation with Artists
✓ Release distribution upload including biggest DSP's - Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube ID, Shazam + 50 DSPs
✓ Best industry distribution rates
✓ PR agency selection suggestions*
✓ Vinyl press and distribution*
Activity before release:
✓ Video content creation (YouTube, Instagram, Stories, Canvas)
✓ Press release (EPK) creation and delivery to DSP's
✓ Spotify editorial pitch video course for label artists
✓ Spotify editorial pitch check by label manager
✓ Release anouncement on label profiles
✓ Release anouncement on IAMT Music Group profiles
✓ IAMT Promopool Mailouts
✓ Distribution extra support submissions for important releases
✓ Short links release landing pages
✓ Release Premieres with on media platforms***
Exclusive Promotional Tools:
✓ IAMT Music Inflyte Promo Pool
✓ Youtube Channels:
- Radio Intense
- Techno Family
- Electronic Space
- Progressive Area
- DJanes.net

✓ Techno, Melodic & Progressive Spotify Playlists
Activity after release
✓ Release publication on label profiles
✓ Release publication on IAMT Music Group profiles
✓ Release publication in the release anouncement on Radio Intense IG Profile
✓ SwingerPR viral campaign ***
✓ Spotify support in IAMT MG playlists
✓ Release publication on IAMT Music Group YouTube channels
✓ Pirates chase

✓ Playlist submission on playlist push ***
✓ Playlist submission on submithub ***
✓ Playlist submission on playlister club ***
✓ Label profile and detailed cross-platform analytics.
✓ Accounting - artist royalty statement generation
✓ Accounting - artist invoicing and royalty payments
✓ Monthly payments to the label owner
The main goal of IAMT Music Management is to share with the artists the experience and best practices that we have gained while working on our own labels. I know very well how difficult it is to organize the work of a music label. I know how much time the processes associated with release preparing take. Then SMM, PR, premiere and playlist pitching, that's a lack of work which can be deadly impossible for the touring artist who owes the label. Thats why we want to give artists the opportunity to stay creative and have successful label running like clockwork.

We are interested in the growth of your brand, since our remuneration directly depends on sales growth, which allows us to achieve the main principle of our work when both parties are equally winning.

Vitalii Babii
The IAMT crew is amazing! We love to work with them. They helped us so much to organise the work with the label. It's pleasure for us to work together and share ideas for the future! Thank you guys

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