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Boost your career and take your artist profile to the next level. 20 years of experience in electronic music, helping more than 500 electronic music artists.
Coaching benefits
  • Our own Labels
    Fast-track your music to the masses with immediate publishing opportunities across our own record labels specializing in Techno, Hard Techno, Progressive, and Tech House genres.
  • In-house Media Network
    Benefit from our extensive network, including connections to top music blogs, professionals, venues, and exclusive events, to elevate your career.
  • Exclusive Media Opportunities
    Leverage our in-house media assets for premieres, interviews, and promotional activities, amplifying your visibility and reach within the music community.
  • Strategical Career Planning
    Collaborate with our team to develop a unique artist strategy that aligns with your personal goals, genre focus, and market trends, ensuring a roadmap tailored specifically to your journey in the techno scene.
  • Digital Marketing
    Learn the art of digital marketing tailored specifically for the music industry. Our program includes social media optimization, effective use of streaming platforms, and strategies to increase your digital sales and streams.
  • Direct Personal Support
    Receive one-on-one guidance from experts with over 20 years of experience in the music industry, ensuring personalized attention and advice tailored to your artistic journey.
Unlock Exclusive Industry Access:
As part of our coaching program, you'll gain unparalleled access to our in-house record labels, expansive media resources, and curated playlists. This unique opportunity not only enhances your profile but also catapults your music into the spotlight. Leverage our established platforms to showcase your sound, connect with influential industry figures, and position your tracks for success. With us, it's not just about mastering the art of techno production; it's about amplifying your presence in the music world.
  • "You Need This" One of the most sought after techno artists, owner of 2 of the top 10 best techno labels in the world, pr & marketing guru "Spartaque". Now imagine being mentored by such a person! He will provide you with all the ammunition you need to kick ass, irrespective of the program you choose. And the best thing is he truly wants you to succeed. For me it was a privilege being mentored by such an accomplished, talented & amazing person. Go for it!
    Techno Artist, India
  • I highly recommend Spartaque's coaching program. To be able to get one on one advice and feedback from such a powerhouse in the Techno scene is a huge opportunity! He challenged me and helped me see the big picture of what I need to work on to get closer to my goals. He never missed a meeting and is an all around great guy. I am grateful for the opportunity to pick this man's brain and receive his guidance. Do not sleep on this!

    Mr. Flick
    Techno Artist, USA
What will we do together?
60 minutes strategy call
Price per session
  • Personal artist profile breakdown and analysis
  • Personal strategy & roadmap
  • Promotion strategies
  • Career growth and development
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Premium Coaching
6 x 90 minutes modules
Entire Program price
  • IAMT Label Releases
  • Personal artist profile breakdown and analysis
  • Personal strategy & roadmap
  • Industry Awarded Coaching Program
  • Artist Promotion strategies
  • Portfolio development
  • Career growth and development
  • Interviews and Premieres on our media network
  • Demo mailouts
  • Artist Collaborations
  • Publishing Contract
  • Premium Program only: Industry-leading label management opportunity
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