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Industry-leading Techno artist consultancy service by Spartaque
Actually I had the same problems as many of us...
  • No gigs...
  • Labels don't reply...
  • No plan...
  • Audience doesn't grow...
  • Can't find the agency...
  • Socials don't work...
  • Can't sign the tracks...
  • Loosing motivation...
I found the way to change everything
And I know you can do the same. Way faster and avoiding my mistakes.
What will we do together?
We will define where you are and what you want. We will create together your plan - the clear steps you'll have to do to make your star shine bright.
We will work on your sound and define the target labels. We will improve the production, mixing and mastering making your music sound perfect.
Artist Image
We will define the visual concept, the artist story to create the interesting and engaging profile the audience will love and follow.
Market Sercets
Building relations in the industry, signing to the big agency, improving the contacts, spreading your reputation.
Signing Your Music
I will explain you how to get signed. What labels love and what they hate, what you should do sending your tacks and what you shouldn't. We will learn how to read the contracts on the examples of my own mistakes.
The Instruments
Tools every artist needs: Facebook and Google ads, profiles on Spotify, Beatport, Soundcloud, YouTube - we will deeply discuss what we have to do and how we can get more attention there.
Will be an exciting experience
Why can you trust me?
  • 17 Years of DJ Career
    I started my career in 2005 performing non stop as professional DJ. During the five years took first position in Ukrainian national DJ chart.
  • Big Labels
    During my career I had over 600 releases on beatport featuring some most important ones like Terminal M, Tronic, Phobiq, Toolroom and more.
  • Analog-A Agency
    I work with worldwide biggest Analog-A DJ agency alongside with Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld, Sasha, John Digweed, Deborah De Luca and more.
  • Codex and IAMT
    I am the owner of 2 "top 10" selling techno labels Codex & IAMT in 2019 (following beatstats.com) with more the 50k track sales a year and 2 millions streams a month.
  • International Career
    I have performed all around the world during my career, have visited more then one hundred cities, in forty countries worldwide.
  • SMM Experience
    I have 100k followers on Instagram, 40k followers on YouTube and around 300k followers on Facebook and this numbers is constantly growing. And I will explain you how to do the same.
Consulting is exclusive and limited
  • "You Need This" One of the most sought after techno artists, owner of 2 of the top 10 best techno labels in the world, pr & marketing guru "Spartaque". Now imagine being mentored by such a person! He will provide you with all the ammunition you need to kick ass, irrespective of the program you choose. And the best thing is he truly wants you to succeed. For me it was a privilege being mentored by such an accomplished, talented & amazing person. Go for it!
    Techno Artist, India
  • I highly recommend Spartaque's coaching program. To be able to get one on one advice and feedback from such a powerhouse in the Techno scene is a huge opportunity! He challenged me and helped me see the big picture of what I need to work on to get closer to my goals. He never missed a meeting and is an all around great guy. I am grateful for the opportunity to pick this man's brain and receive his guidance. Do not sleep on this!

    Mr. Flick
    Techno Artist, USA
How my consulting can boost your profile?
  • Identify goals and create a career roadmap
    Assist you in establishing both short-term and long-term career goals, and help you create a roadmap to achieve these objectives.
  • Develop a brand and online presence
    Help you create a unique brand identity and establish a strong online presence through social media, artist websites, and other platforms.
  • Networking opportunities
    Connect you with industry professionals, such as record labels, producers, booking agents, and event organizers, to expand your professional network.
  • Improve your technical skills
    Guidance on enhancing production and performance skills.
  • Portfolio development
    Assist in creating a strong portfolio of music, including polished demos, press kits, and promotional materials.
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
    Develop and implement targeted marketing campaigns to increase the artist's visibility and reach within the techno community.
  • Contract negotiation
    Explaining the contracts and negotiations to ensure your secure favorable terms in agreements with record labels, management, and other industry partners.
  • Career growth and development
    Ongoing support and mentoring to ensure you stay motivated, focused, and on track to achieve their career aspirations.
Strategy Call
90 minutes call
  • Profile analysis
  • Identify goals and create a career roadmap
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Portfolio development
  • Career growth and development
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5 Calls
5 x 60 minutes calls with Spartaque
valid during 6 month
  • Profile analysis
  • Identify goals and create a career roadmap
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Portfolio development
  • Career growth and developmen
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Complete Mentorship
Price per month
4 x 60 minutes calls per month included
  • Guaranteed results
  • Limited offer
  • Profile analysis
  • Identify goals and create a career roadmap
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Portfolio development
  • Career growth and development
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Consulting with Spartaque
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