Spotify: Intro (part 1)
Hello guys! My name is Vitalii Babii, you know me as Spartaque. Welcome to the family! And I want to congratulate you on signing your music with us. The philosophy of our company is to create the assets and share them with talented artists like you and help you get the maximum audience to reach with your music.
We try to do a lot from our side investing thousands of euros a month to promote our playlist on Spotify, promote our channel on YouTube to build a great platform for you to share the music there. But we also need your help to make your release as much success as possible.

In this course, I want to focus on Spotify. I have created it especially for the artists working with IAMT Music group labels, I will try to be as short as possible so you can clearly understand how you can work with Spotify, how you can understand and improve your Spotify statistics.

A lot of Electronic Music artists have been focusing on Download only for a long period, but right now Spotify as the platform is the best way to get to your audience. It gives you awesome possibilities to promote your music, reach your audience and plan your career.

I really want you to be successful and am sure that together we can make a big story and shift your profile to completely another level!